The Regency Makeover Trilogy is Complete!

They were dismissed as hopeless—girls too plain, too shy, too gauche to stand any chance in the ruthless competition of the London season. But Helene Fitzgerald, Madelene Valmeyer, and Adele Edmundson have no intention of remaining wallflowers. Aided by the notorious novelist, Deborah Sewell, they form the Wallflower Pact and set out to find true love for themselves—and maybe even their chaperone.

Now you can read the whole story — the lives, loves and triumphs of:

Lady Adele Endicott — The Bride Behind the Curtain

Miss Madelene Valmeyer — The Stepsister’s Triumph

Lady Helene Fitzgerald — An Exquisite Marriage

Bride Behind the Curtain CoverStepsisters Triumph CoverAn Exquisite Marriage Web Cover

Announcing New Books from Darcie Wilde

UntitledThe contracts are signed, and now it can be told!  My next two books will be….MYSTERIES!  Set in Regency London, A USEFUL WOMAN will follow the life and struggles of Rosalind Thorne, a gently bred woman of reduced circumstances with the unenviable job of trying to untangle a mystery involving the corpse discovered in that most excluve of London ballrooms…Almack’s.

Book Day Never Gets Old

I don’t get much done on Book Day.

Oh, I do a lot.  I post a lot, I check the various social media a whole lot.  I agonize over views and clicks and reviews.  I also pace, sometimes literally, sometimes just metaphorically. I have further, I confess, been known to go to bookstores to see my baby out there in the wild, so to speak.

But mostly I sit at the keyboard saying to myself “I can’t believe it.  It’s MY book.  There is is.  Right there.  On-line.  With my name on the cover and everything!  It’s real!”

So, happy Book Day to me, and to you.  Here’s hoping you find delight and romance on the shelves and between the covers.

You might also want to check out a snippet of The Accidental Abduction and see if you can find it here.

LOL and happy book day wherever your day finds you!