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Darcie Wilde writes her steamy and adventurous romances from a university town in a certain northern-midwestern state that has been known to bear some passing resemblance to a mitten.  When not writing, she’s reading, cooking, hiking, swimming, climbing things, raising her rapidly growing son and trying to convince her cat — Buffy the Vermin Slayer — not to do any further damage to the furniture.

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9780425265567_large_The_Accidental_AbductionDependable and trustworthy Harold Rayburn is about to be taken for the ride of his life…

Rejected by the girl he intended to marry for being too “boring,” Harry is ready to give up impetuous women for good—until beautiful and fierce Leannah Wakefield barrels into his life.  The wild beauty inadvertently kidnaps him while on a breath-taking carriage ride, which ends with Harry more than ready to take the reins firmly in hand…

Leannah Wakefield would sacrifice everything to protect her family. So when her little sister elopes, Leannah races across London to stop the ill-advised ceremony.  But her breakneck journey is nearly interrupted by a stranger who ignites her desire beyond all reason.  Suddenly, Leannah’s the one contemplating a runaway marriage, one that will unite her with this handsome and mysterious stowaway.

As word of their hurried nuptuals spreads, Leannah and Harry are met with opposition, anger, jealousy, and suspicion.  Can fragile love and unquenchable passion possibly be enough to keep the couple together—especially when both bride and groom have devastating secrets to hide?

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